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Church in the Distance

Posted by
Addey Kehinde (Surrey, United Kingdom) on 13 December 2006 in Architecture and Portfolio.

I was experimenting with the flash during that 5 min window one has when the evening sky is just brilliant. I would like to do some more o' these, until I get it just right. Here, I feel I may have a bit too much light in the foreground, no?

March/April 2015: Finalist at the Event Photography Awards 2015 (Corporate Events category).

April 2013: Awarded 2nd place at the Haslemere Vision photographic competition, Surrey.

April 2012: Awarded Best Photography (Cinematography category) at a photo competition in Poland.

Suby from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Bro, not particularly feeling this image, the flash is rather distracting to me, AND WOULD HAVE PREFERED IF THE CHURCH WAS INDEED IN THE DISTANCE NOT IN THE middle(ish) of the shot (apologies for the caps)


13 Dec 2006 5:05am

Helen from Melbourne, Australia

Addey, I'm with Suby on this one. A tilt to the right may have fixed the impression I am lilting to the left. It has potential, I am sure you could improve this one with a little PP.

13 Dec 2006 6:12am

MnX from PARIS, France

I think experimentation is a good thing, it allows many feedback. For me the idea is not bad at all, it's just a matter of not overdoing it, as said the flash is to powerfull in the foreground. I think you should try to soften it a little (if your flash's power can't be set, macgyver would say : "you can use some transfer paper").
If you wanted the church to be the subject, you should have make it pop out a little more, either by zooming (or using the best zoom in the world : feet zoom) or by isolating it more.
Plus I think the skyline is not completly horizontal, you should pay attention to this, this is a situation where I think photoshop is a nice tool for rotating photos. (not horizontal skyline is not a problem but it should be made in a way it is obviously wanted).
This photo surelly has something, I want to see an improved version as soon as you have one. ^^

13 Dec 2006 7:56am

Chris Sullivan from Melbourne, Australia

Yeah, nice concept but the flash and saturation does distract from your subject - the church - which is on a bit of a tilt. I think it would be better if you cropped out the bottom third.

13 Dec 2006 8:01am

Zach Siebert from Bologna, Italy

addey, i like: the exaggerated flash and the use of foreground space. I don't like: the church should be further in distance and the fact the exaggerated flash doesn't really highlight anything interesting. maybe you could place something there which would contrast/go with the church? This composition has great potential. make a few adjustments and you'll have a real winner.

13 Dec 2006 10:51am

Jason Kravitz from Brussels, Belgium

experimentation is definitely the best way to learn!
I'd agree on the flash not really illuminating anything of interest. I think the best way to use it would be to have exposed a little less so that the sky appears a little darker and richer in color and then use the flash to illuminate a specific subject like a statue etc...
That being said I don't think it's a factor of too much light on the foreground as much as choosing something to light up and then trying to get that balance.
I like where you are going with this though - looking forward to more experiments

13 Dec 2006 12:07pm

Addey from London, United Kingdom

Wow, guys!

Thanks for all the comments/tips. There are quite a number of ideas I see myself toying with now to further enhance similar shots.

Now, I reckon,

1. The building should've been either further back or really closer.
2. I could've done more with the sky.
3. The flash isn't too bad, but could be watered down abit in order to avoid distraction.
4. and I love this one; it would be nice to place something in the foreground, highlighted in the flash (in this case, a necklace/small figurine/other object of some religious status comes to mind - I so love this tip!)

I shall definitely be revisiting this in the weeks to come.

Thanks again guys, much appreciated.

13 Dec 2006 2:12pm

Duncan Galbraith from kyoto, Japan

Hey Addey. Basically I echo the above critiques but you've obvioulsy taken it all on board already! Excellent. I'll be looking forward to a repost and seeing what you come up with!

13 Dec 2006 3:06pm

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Spectacular view.

13 Dec 2006 3:10pm

Darren from Japan

I think the flash job is not bad if you want to make the grass the subject of the photo. If so maybe increase the grass area in the image and decrease the excess sky having the church and so right at the top. Give it a go and see what it looks like.

13 Dec 2006 4:01pm

Addey from London, United Kingdom

More tips. Thanks guys. You bet I'll be onto this as soon as..!

Many, many thanks.

13 Dec 2006 7:46pm

Jenny from Manchester, United Kingdom

How very vibrant! I like it.

13 Dec 2006 8:17pm

Addey from London, United Kingdom

Really?? Cool. I wanted to start taking pictures of buildings - which I am so not really into - but in a way that'd reflect my way of doing things and I'm hoping that they'd be captured in a very eye-catching manner, hence the messing about with the flash/different time o' day etc...
...thanks for stopping by, Jenny.

13 Dec 2006 9:12pm

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

Something about this shot tells me that there should be a freshly dug grave in the foreground, illuminated by the gravedigger's flashlight (torch). Or maybe just a skeletal hand clawing through the surface of the grass. At least that would explain the brightly lit grass in the foreground and the church in the back. (am I morbid or what?)

14 Dec 2006 4:41am

Addey from London, United Kingdom

LOL! Morbid? You?? Never crossed my mind.

Does sound like a cool idea though. I guess it could then be monochromed (b&w maybe), using dark tones to give it that Vincent Price feel...nice idea.

Now, whose hand should I use??

14 Dec 2006 10:00am

Craig Persel from Montreal, Canada

I like the flash. Adds a unique and surreal quality to the image. Well done.

14 Dec 2006 1:07pm

Addey from London, United Kingdom

Thanks, Craig.

That's sort of what I aiming for...glad you like. Thanks for stopping by.

14 Dec 2006 1:44pm